SSS® Absorbant Powder - 1 lb. Container

Free-flowing powder which transforms smelly liquids into odorless semi-solids. Completely nontoxic, biodegradable and water soluble. Absorb 100 times its weight. Lemon fragrance.  6/cs
Manufacturer #08049
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Retail Price:$67.08/CASE

VoBAN Aromatic Absorbent - 1# Bag

Available in various sizes. The professional way to soak up and cover the mess and odor of vomitus. Instantly. Effective on inevitable mishaps, pet accidents and other spillage. Fortified with enzymes to attack and digest source of odors. Helps prevent staining of carpets and fabrics.  24/cs
Manufacturer #VOBAN
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Retail Price:$68.88/CASE