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SSS® Panther 15B Battery Operated Micro Scrubber

Cordless and compact, the battery operation and low profile design allow you to clean in tight, hard-to-reach areas with ease. 20" parabolic squeegee for thorough solution pick up. 3.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks. 44.5 pounds of brush/pad pressure.  ea
Manufacturer #86008
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Retail Price:$2,545.49/EACH

SSS® Panther 17C Auto Scrubber - 17"

Simple control panel for reliability and ease of use. Large recovery tank opening for easy cleaning. Pad assist drive system makes it easy to use. Power: 110 V AC; Pad Motor: 1 hp; Vacuum Motor: 0.87 hp. Brush Speed: 160 RPM; Waterlift: 47"; Pad pressure: 77 lb. Cable length: 82' safety orange; Squeegee width: 28.7".  ea
Manufacturer #86004
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Retail Price:$2,030.54/EACH

SSS® Panther 20B Auto Scrubber - 20"

Highly maneuverable scrubber with a 20" cleaning path. Brush-assist drive. Heavy-duty, cast aluminum squeegee assembly. Rotationally molded housing. Vacuum motor: 3-stage, .75 hp. Pad drive motor: .75 hp; Pad drive diameter: single 20". Pad drive speed: 200 rpm.  ea
Manufacturer #86002
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Retail Price:$3,942.48/EACH

SSS® Panther 26T Auto Scrubber - 26"

Highly maneuverable scrubber with 26"/28" cleaning path. Large solution and recovery tanks increase productivity. Apply cleaning solution, scrub and vacuum in one pass. Heavy duty cast aluminum squeegee assembly. Extra set of squeegee blades on-board. Variable pad pressure. Variable speed transaxle drive. Rotationally molded housing. Simple, easy-to-use controls. Equipped with 12 amp automatic portable charger. Requires (2) 12V, 215 AH batteries (not included).  ea
Manufacturer #86003
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Retail Price:$6,757.23/EACH

Advance SC250™ Battery Micro Scrubber - 13.5"

Sweep, scrub and dry in a single pass. Ideal design for scrubbing small spaces quickly. Cord-free and quiet operation. Squeegee width: 14"; Brush type: (1) cylindrical. Brush speed: 1,000 rpm; Voltage: 36 V Lithium. Maximum brush down pressure: 26.5 lb.  ea
Manufacturer #9087381020
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Retail Price:$2,500.00/EACH

Advance SC500™ Walk-Behind Scrubbers

With a modern design engineered to provide better control and improved sightlines, this compact 20" and 12 gallon disc or orbital scrubber cleans both effectively and quietly. Has a quiet mode for daytime cleaning environments. With a revolutionary flow regulation system that adjusts the solution output based on the speed of the machine, it ensures consistent cleaning results using less water and chemical while improving productivity per tank. Combine that with the exclusive EcoFlex™ system, which allows for variable detergent (including ultra-low) or water-only cleaning, and the SC500 is in a category of its own when it comes to sustainability and efficient cleaning. Features a low center of gravity and an easily accessible variable speed, pressure sensitive control paddle. Brush motor: 450W; Vacuum motor: 280W.
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Pacific® S-20 Orbital Scrubber w/BatteryShield™ - 20"

Training graphics are on the control panel. New or experienced operators learn as easy as 1, 2, 3! Clean on your schedule with sound levels down to 63 dBA. Brush motor: 1.0 hp; Vacuum motor: .51 hp, 2-stage. Drive type: traction; Drive motor: .25 hp. 155AH battery. Battery run time: Up to 4 hours; on-board charger.  ea
Manufacturer #855417
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Retail Price:$7,500.00/EACH

Advance SC351™ Battery Micro Scrubber - 14"

Full battery-powered operation with a standard onboard charger, the 14" disc delivers more scrubbing with minimal downtime and less hassle. Brush motor: 260W; Vacuum motor: 200W. Rated power: 450W; Voltage: 12V; Brush pressure: 60 lb. 84 AH maint-free AGM battery; onboard charger 115VAC/12VDC.  ea
Manufacturer #9087342020
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Retail Price:$3,339.00/EACH

Advance Adphibian™ Multi-Surface Extractor/Scrubber-250AH

Operators are able to switch between pre-spraying and extracting at the push of a button. A 30 second tools-free changeover lets operators switch between using a full-functioning carpet extractor and a full-functioning cylindrical scrubber with patent-pending technology. Even the special anti-microbial brushes are designed to work on all surface types. The patented AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System lets the operator choose the perfect cleaning solution for all floor surfaces. And the machine's ease-of-use means fast training and consistent cleaning performance by all of your operators. The Adphibian multi-surface machine is the first of its kind to be awarded the CRI Seal of Approval for low-moisture and deep-cleaning extraction. Dual 3 stage bypass vacuum motor. Dual 1/2 hp permanent magnet brush motor.  ea
Manufacturer #56317010
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Retail Price:$12,492.00/EACH

Advance SC450™ Battery Operated Scrubber - 105AH

Designed with simple and intuitive controls, it ensures easy operator training. A unique two-button control panel allows users to quickly switch between scrub and vacuum functions. For enhanced ease-of-use, the vacuum motor automatically shuts off when the tank is full to prevent overflow, the brushes and water turn off while the machine is in neutral. A safety on/off switch is located on the handle for operator convenience, enabling a quick shut down if needed. Featuring open access to all critical machine components for easy maintenance. Max Speed: 3 mph; Voltage: 24V; IP Protection Class: IPX4. Insulation Class: I; Brush Motor: 480 W. Vacuum motor power: 330 W; Scrubbing width: 20".  ea
Manufacturer #56383128
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Pacific® S-20 Auto Scrubber - 20", 155 AH

Manufacturer #855405
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Retail Price:$7,067.89/EACH