3M™ No. 6000 Red Floor Sweeper - 12.5", Large

Super-efficient dual eight-bladed rotoblades easily pick up both large and small debris. Works on virtually any floor surface. Lightweight and compact.  ea
Manufacturer #15498
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Retail Price:$339.20/EACH

Bissell® BigGreen Commercial® BG9100NM Electric Sweeper

Cord-free powerful electric one motor floor sweeper. Rechargeable system with revolving agitator brush and geared belt drive for superior pick up. Nickel-metal-hydride battery with a running time 90 minutes. Roller brush sweeps dirt and bulkier items into its dustpan. Comes with wall mount for out of sight storage.  ea
Manufacturer #BG9100NM
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Retail Price:$129.00/EACH

Scotch-Brite® Quick Floor Sweeper

Picks up the small and big stuff. Rubber blades are safe and effective on all floor types including carpet, vinyl, tile and hardwood. No messy bristle brushes. Oil-resistant, easy-clean material enables food pick up. Dishwasher-safe debris receptacles. Nothing to plug in.  ea
Manufacturer #97100
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Retail Price:$58.38/EACH

Rubbermaid® Brushless Mechanical Sweeper

The most versatile sweeper in the system. Non-marking rubber blades that effectively sweep up dust, debris and even semi-liquid debris. Perfect for foodservice applications. Low profile for easy access around and under furniture. Wide 7.5" sweep path with protective bumper.  ea
Manufacturer #4215-88
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Retail Price:$163.14/EACH

Rubbermaid® Floor & Carpet Sweeper

Smaller size gets into tight spots. 6.5" sweep path. Easy-open debris pan for effortless cleaning. Gray. Constructed of durable galvanized steel & tough ABS plastic. For bare floors or low pile carpets.  4/cs
Manufacturer #4212-88
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Retail Price:$110.24/EACH